What is the MonkeDAO?

The MonkeDAO is a 100% community run group of SMB holders. Our vision is to be the premier decentralized community of Web3.

Is MonkeDAO affiliated with any other DAOs or projects?

While the MonkeDAO is a champion for the larger Solana ecosystem, we have no official partnerships with other projects. We are also independent of the SMB project and developers.

Do we have a roadmap?

See website

I don't own an SMB, where do I buy one?

Now that you own an SMB... What's next?

Head over to our discord, and verify with Matrica!

Anything that I should be made aware of?

There are an unbelievable amount of DMs on Discord and 99% of those are coming from people who are trying to scam you. Please be aware: MODS OR ADMINS WILL NEVER MESSAGE YOU FIRST WE WILL NEVER DM YOU ABOUT MINTS, WHITELISTS, GIVEAWAYS, OR CONTESTS.

I own an SMB, How do I get Discord verified?

We use Matrica for holder role verification!
Onboarding ----------
2. Connect with your wallet (Phantom, SolFlare, Slope, or Sollet Extension). If you are using Ledger, click the toggle. Make sure you are connecting with the wallet that holds the NFTs you want to be verified.
3. Link your Discord. From the Settings page, you can link your Discord and Twitter. You can also add multiple wallets.
4. Within ~5 minutes you'll be assigned your role and will have access to all verified channels! Once you have signed up for Matrica, you will automatically gain your holder roles in all Discords that use Matrica.
Troubleshooting ---------------
If you are having trouble verifying, please try the following.
1. Make sure you have linked the correct Discord. You can unlink and relink to be certain.
2. Check your profile to see if the wallet you added contains the correct NFTs. If not, you can add additional wallets on the Settings page.
3. Make sure your NFT is not listed.
4. Wait a maximum of 5 minutes after linking your discord for the role to be assigned.
5. If you are still having issues, please reach out in the AMA channel.
The full guide from Matrica can be found by clicking the link below!