Below is information about how MonkeDAO Governance works

The Monke Board

Every 6 months (we call each period an epoch), there is a DAO wide vote on who will serve on the Monke Board. There are 16 Board positions, and the purpose of the monke board is to serve the vision of the community, put voted proposals and surveys into action, incorporate and maintain MonkeDAO as an entity, and serve on DAO committees as a representative of the community.

The Monke Board Votes with a Multi-Sig wallet run by the Realms Platform.

You can access our multi-sig governance wallet and see Board votes here:


Any MonkeDAO member is able to create a proposal to be put up for DAO vote. Below is the current proposal structure, and document template to be used to create one.

Using treasury wallet funds, these initiated proposals can be voted on, and if successfully passed, the funds can be immediately deployed from our Multi-Sig wallet for the various community initiatives.


  • Proposals will undergo a 3-Step Process to gather community input and feedback before going to a binding vote.

  • The 3 Steps are: Community Proposal and Discussion -> Governance Review and Input -> Formal Vote

  • Any verified DAO member can submit a proposal, and any proposal that meets the minimum voting requirements will progress through the steps.

MonkeDAO Vote Proposal Process:

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