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The purpose of this channel is to curate a short list of information, tools, and resources in one channel that are commonly posted and asked for. If you have suggestions on items to be added, spot spelling or grammar mistakes, or other input please send us a message!
DISCLAIMER: Nothing here is financial advice or otherwise. We are not claiming to be all knowing, we are just giving our best efforts to help.

Current MonkeDAO Websites

MonkeDAO Validator Performance Dashboard -
Realms Multisig & Governance
Metaplex Storefront -

Discord Direct Message Settings

Purpose: How to turn off Discord DMs globally while explicitly allowing DMs from servers of your choosing.
1. Click the User Settings button and select Privacy & Safety.
2. From Server Privacy Defaults uncheck Allow direct messages from server members.
3. Choose Yes when asked "Do you want to apply this change to all your existing servers?"
4. From Who can add you as a friend uncheck Everyone. Your DMs are now closed and only Server Members or Friends of Friends can add you as a friend to facilitate DMs.

To allow Direct Messages from specific servers, such as MonkeDAO:

1. From the top left-hand corner of Discord, click the Server Settings drop-down arrow and select Privacy Settings.
2. Enabled the checkbox for Allow direct messages from server members.

Tools and Resources

Where to find upcoming mints and projects:
**** - Rarity charts for NFTs (@SOLBigBrain) - Data analysis platform with on-chain info about token distribution, price development and NFT data (@wazza) - Provide a wallet address to generate a history of transactions in plain form including NFT transfers. - NFT dashboard and can drill down to each collection for more information. - Floor price dashboard with analytics for each project (more real-time than solanalysis for FP) - Custom Vans shoes to put your monkey on - Solana NFT authenticity checker (@wazza & @statik) - Floor price app by wallet address Please DM with suggestions and additions.

Minting Tips & Wallet Suggestions

1. Always mint from a burner wallet with the amount of SOL for the project slash willing to be rugged on.
2. One idea for wallet organization and disbursement of assets to reduce risk: Bank NFTs Mint 1 Mint 2 Listings (for listed NFTs to keep things organized and away from the main NFT wallet)
From @hoak I'm gonna say this again. A "burner wallet" is not a new wallet where "new" is defined by having a different seed phrase. A "burner wallet" is a key pair that is not the main one where you hold most of your "hot funds". When you do "create new wallet" on Phantom it merely derives a new key pair from your original seed phrase, but this is totally ok! When you do this, even if you get the real rug (a wallet sweep attack) they cannot take funds from your "main wallet"
There are several types of rugs in Solana:
1. System Program Transfer Rug: Programs claim to be using Candy Machine or Fair Launch Protocol but what happens is when you click the Mint button you get a transaction that only calls System Program to transfer lamports (sol) and you get literally nothing in return (way different from the images I posted above, there's only 1 instruction instead of 5 which is really EASY to notice!)
2. Wallet Sweep Attack: This is a more complex when that we saw with Aurory, this attack is a custom program that, when you sign a transaction, ALL funds and NFTs in that wallet CAN GET STOLEN

Solana Wallet Cleanup Tool:

Clean up your Solana wallet and reclaim lost SOL!

P2P NFT Trade and Swap:

NFT swap & Escrow site by our very own @robodegato

NFT Technical Analysis:

Solana NFT data analysis platform with on-chain information about token distribution, price development and NFT data. This project provides valuable information for NFT holders and those interested:
by our very own @wazza

Solana Dev Tools: